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Aussie Cabling are data network cable specialists and do data network cable installations in Perth offices and businesses. We design and install customised data network cable installations and can work with you to set up your new office or upgrade / repair your existing cabling. From simple room-to-room connections to whole office cabled networks, including office data cabinets, patch panels, switches and server racks, Aussie Cabling has the experience and expertise to do it all.

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★ New Cable Installations
★ Repairs and Fault Finding
★ Cat 5 or Cat 5e Data Cable Installations
★ Cat 6 or Cat 6a Data Cable Installations
★ Data Cabinet Installations
★ Server Rack Installations
★ Cabling your office for the NBN
★ Free Quotes

New Cable Installations

As a business owner, you understand the benefits of a professionally installed data cable network. Here at Aussie Cabling we pride ourselves on providing those professional data network installations. We perform installations for small and medium sized businesses, maintaining the highest levels of industry installation best practice (AS/NZS 3080:2013) to ensure that our networks are reliable and perform at the maximum speed possible. At the same time, as a locally owned company we are able to keep our prices low, whilst still providing high performance data network cable installations for customers seeking a budget conscious cable installation.

Repairs and Fault Finding

With many years of experience in both domestic and commercial network infrastructure installation and maintenance, along with the latest in quality diagnostic equipment, Aussie Cabling is able to have a technician find and repair any network cable related fault.

Cat 5 or Cat 5e Data Cable Installations

The original Cat 5 standard has now been deprecated, leaving only Cat 5e, although the term Cat 5 is still used, meaning that all current references to Cat 5 are in fact referring to Cat 5e. Cat 5e cabling is rated for network speeds up to 100Mb/sec, making it ideal for phone and ADSL cabling requirements. It is now very affordable and should be used in all new telephone and ADSL cable installations as the minimum standard.

Cat 6 or Cat 6a Data Cable Installations

Cat 6 and now Cat 6a offer enhanced performance for data communication, with Cat 6 rated for speeds up to 1Gb/sec and Cat 6a rated up to 10Gb/sec. Whilst Cat 6a is still significantly more expensive, Cat 6 is now very affordable and is the minimum standard used by Aussie Cabling for any internal data or NBN network cabling.

Cabling your office for the NBN

For those offices now able to connect to the NBN, some minor cable modifications may be required to connect all your existing cabling to a new NBN connection. One of our friendly and professional technicians can provide you with no obligation cabling suggestions to connect your office and enhance your NBN experience.

Free Quotes

We offer a free half hour on site consultation to assess and advise you on your data cabling requirements.

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