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Are you having ADSL connection, ADSL speed or ADSL dropout problems with your internet connection? Aussie Cabling is currently offering a special ADSL cable testing service in Perth, for a fixed fee of just $110. We will come out to your home or office and test your ADSL connection for problems. We will be able to tell you whether there is a problem with any of your internal cabling / sockets / modem. We can also advise you on what needs to be done to fix the problem and in most situations, fix the problem for you on the spot.

If you are having connection, speed or dropout problems with your home ADSL connection then have a read through our pages on why your ADSL is slow or problematic, and how to increase your internet speed. These will give you a clearer idea about some of the common problems and what can be done about them. If you still aren't able to resolve your ADSL internet connection issues then contact Aussie Cabling and we'll come and diagnose the reason for your ADSL problems.

Once we have completed our tests, we will be able to advise you on whether you need to:

replace / upgrade your modem
upgrade your existing phone cable and sockets
install an ADSL central filter
install a Network Termination Device, or
call your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to report a fault

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