Digital Reception Problems


Aussie Cabling can quickly and easily diagnose & repair digital television reception problems in Perth homes. Whatever your antenna, reception or cabling issues may be, Aussie Cabling can quickly & easily determine the source & then repair your digital television reception problems.

What we find is that most people are receiving a reasonable quality signal from their current antenna, even if it is an old antenna, but their signal is degrading badly before it gets to their TV, due to poor quality cable, connectors and installation practices. Therefore we do not recommend having a new TV antenna installed, in most situations. We find that a new quality flylead & a new quality wall outlet will resolve most digital reception problems.

This is why we recommend you contact professionals such as Aussie Cabling because we have the equipment & expertise to find a solution to your Digital TV reception problems without just telling you to install a new antenna. Calling us will therefore save you time and money.

This is what you need to know:

Why have they changed?
★ Digital signals require much less of the spectrum to send the same amount of information.
★ Digital signals allow for more information to be sent to your TV.
★ Digital signals allow the transmission of High Definition channels.
★ Digital signals allow the sending of TV Guides & other program information.
★ Digital channels are being moved closer together & the extra frequencies sold off.
Why does this cause reception problems?
★ Digital signals are more sensitive to damage as it travels through the air or through TV cables.
★ Digital signals do not bend around corners & over the top of hills as well.
★ Older antennas are often not sensitive enough to pick up quality Digital signals.
★ When Analogue was turned off, some of the Digital channels were moved to different frequencies.
What does that mean?
★ New Digital only transmitters have been setup around Perth to help with the new coverage gaps.
★ The new Digital only transmitters are broadcasting on much higher frequencies.
★ When the change occurred, everyone in Perth had to re-tune their TV's.
★ When the change occurred, some people could point their antenna at a new transmitter.
★ Many people will not have had any problems, but many others would have.
What is the cause of my reception problems?:
★ Your current antenna may not be able to receive the new Digital signals very well.
★ Your house may have line of sight issues & can't receive Digital signals from the old transmitters.
★ You may have poor quality cable or poorly installed cable which affects the Digital signal.
★ You may have poor quality wall outlets & connections which affects the Digital signal.
What needs to be done:
★ Your current antenna may need to be re-aligned with one of the new transmitters.
★ You may need a new antenna.
★ You may need a signal booster.
★ You may need better quality cabling from the antenna to each wall outlet.
★ You may need better quality wall outlets.
★ You may need better quality fly leads from each wall outlet to each TV.


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