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Aussie Cabling are network cable specialists and we do network cable installations in Perth homes. We design and install data / network cable installations from a single room-to-room connection to a whole home cabled network. Whether you just want Netflix to work properly on your smart TV, or cabled network outlets in every room, Aussie Cabling has the experience and expertise to do it all.


Here at Aussie Cabling we pride ourselves on providing professional network cable installations for Perth home owners. We maintain the highest levels of industry installation best practice (AS/NZS 3080:2013) to ensure that our networks are reliable and perform at the maximum speed possible. At the same time, as a locally owned company, we are able to keep our prices low and work hard to provide low cost and budget conscious cable installations.

Repairs and Fault Finding

With many years of experience in both domestic and commercial network infrastructure installation and maintenance, along with the latest in quality diagnostic equipment, Aussie Cabling is able to have a technician find and repair any network cable related fault.

Cat 5 or Cat 5e Network Cable Installations

The original Cat 5 standard has now been deprecated, leaving only Cat 5e, although the term Cat 5 is still used, so all current references to Cat 5 are in fact referring to Cat 5e. Cat 5e cabling was originally rated for network speeds up to 100Mb/sec, although it will actually support speeds up to 1000Mb/sec, making it ideal for your NBN VDSL (FTTN, FTTC) cabling requirements. For all other types of internal network cabling, Aussie Cabling now uses Cat 6 cabling.

Cat 6 Network Cable Installations

Cat 6 and now Cat 6a offer enhanced performance for data communication, with Cat 6 rated for speeds up to 1 Gb/sec (1000 Mbps) and Cat 6a rated for up to 10Gb/sec (10,000 Mbps). Cat 6 is now very affordable and offers high performance and a long life span with the capability to support the increasing demands for speed and data throughput into the future. Cat 6 is now the minimum standard used by Aussie Cabling for all internal data or NBN connected network cabling and is recommended by Aussie Cabling in most situations.

Cat 6a Network Cable Installations

Cat 6a is still significantly more expensive than Cat 6 and is used primarily for backbone links, links between network distribution points, links between floors in multi-storey offices and in other high data volume situations. Aussie Cabling would not recommend the use of Cat 6a cabling for single device connections and outlets in a domestic installation, however we can do so.

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