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Aussie Cabling do MDF jumpering / repairs and telephone line cabling to connect your phone / ADSL service in multi-dwelling complexes in Perth (i.e. apartment, unit or office building). If you have just moved in to an apartment, unit or office building and your Service Provider says that your phone / ADSL is connected but it's still not working then Aussie Cabling are the people to call.

When you get a new phone / ADSL service connected in a multi-dwelling complex, your Service Provider only connects your new service through to the MDF (Main Distribution Frame). This is where all the in-coming lines from the street stop at your building. Phone lines will be running from the MDF to each apartment / unit or office but they may not be connected together. Connecting the two together is called MDF jumpering or A to B side jumpering.

MDF Jumpering - $90

mdf-jumpering-new.gif mdf-jumpering-old.gif

Our MDF technicians are very experienced with Main Distribution Frames (MDFs) and we regularly do MDF jumpering (or A to B side jumpering) to connect new phone / ADSL services. We charge a fixed fee of just $90 for this service for new phone / ADSL service connections, with appointments normally available within 24 hours. Early morning, evening and Saturday appointments are also available upon request to suit your busy schedule for a fixed fee of $120 and we will even do an MDF jumpering for you on a Sunday for $150.


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MDF Repairs & Upgrades

As ACMA registered cablers and MDF technicians, Aussie Cabling can install, repair and upgrade any type of MDF (Main Distribution Frame) or IDF (Intermediary Distribution Frame).

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