Network Termination Device


An ADSL / Phone Network Termination Device (NTD) is a small beige coloured box that can be installed on the outside wall of your home and fulfills a number of functions

Network Boundary
The NTD acts as a clear demarcation point, separating the in-coming copper cabling that your service provider is responsible for and the premises cabling which the home owner is responsible for
Test point
An NTD includes an RJ12 phone socket so that you can test your incoming service
You can connect a phone to the RJ12 phone socket to determine whether any fault is on your side or on your service providers side
If you have a problem when you connect your phone to the outlet in your kitchen, but it is not there when it is connected to the NTD, then you know the problem is with your cable and is your responsibility to fix
Alternatively, if the problem is still there at the NTD, then you know your service provider is responsible for fixing the problem
ADSL Central Filter
Installation of a DSL module in your NTD allows you to separate your incoming / outgoing ADSL signal from all of your phone lines
This removes the need for the use of ADSL In-line Filters on all your phone outlets and prevents any interference issues between your phone and DSL signals
Phone Line Splitter
The DSL module can also split your incoming phone line into three lines
This allows you to run cables directly to each outlet and any future changes or faults can be easily made or fixed due to all your phone connections being very easy to access
Increase your ADSL Internet Speed
The DSL module allows you to install a high quality data cable directly to a point in your house where you want to connect your ADSL modem
It reduces the length of the lower quality lead-in cable from the street
It removes any interference or bottleneck issues with your existing cabling
All these benefits combined can result in a noticeable increase in your ADSL Internet speed

Other options

Upgrade your phone cable and outlets
Upgrading your phone cable and outlets is very affordable and will often fix a lot of ADSL and phone connection issues
Install an ADSL Central Filter
An ADSL Central Filter offers a lower cost option to help reduce interference and increase your internet speed
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