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An ADSL Central Filter is known by many different names, (i.e. ADSL Central Splitter, Alarm Central Filter, ADSL Filter Splitter, Alarm Central Splitter) but they are all referring to the same thing. It is a small device that can be installed on or inside your building and is designed to fix ADSL Internet problems, such as slow speed and random drop outs. Aussie Cabling are specialist telecommunication cablers and we regularly supply and install ADSL 2+ Central Filters in Perth homes and small businesses.

Why do I need an ADSL Central Filter?

For most of us, when our premises were built and the phone cabling installed, ADSL Internet had not even been invented. The phone cable and the way it was installed was only designed for phones, not for ADSL. Many of us also have alarm systems which uses the phone line to report faults and call monitoring services. Some people also have a fax machine or an EFTPOS machine or both. If you plug an ADSL modem into any phone socket in the house, it will most likely work, but just not as fast or as reliably as it could with an ADSL central filter installed.

The main problems are caused by:

Too many joins and ADSL in-line filters
Each outlet means a join and an ADSL in-line filter which creates an ADSL signal bottleneck and an entry point for interference.
Poor quality wall sockets / outlets
The older style rectangular shaped yellow phone connectors used throughout Australia for decades are well known sources of ADSL signal problems.
Alarm systems
Typical home or office alarm systems are connected into the phone line so that the in-coming signal must pass through the alarm control panel and digital dialer unit before it passes through to the phones and modem. This is a major cause of ADSL dropouts.
Poor quality installation practices
ADSL signals are very susceptible to interference from electrical wiring so phone cabling must be keep separated or shielded.
Star-wiring or feeding all your phone cables from a signal join was an almost universal industry practice which works perfectly fine for phones, but is a major cause of ADSL speed issues.

How does an ADSL Central Filter work?

An ADSL Central Filter simply filters the ADSL signal off the phone line as it enters your building and sends it down it's own cable to a dedicated ADSL socket. Your ADSL signal then goes directly to the Central Filter and out to your service provider, so it no longer suffers any of the problems already mentioned.

How much does it cost?

If the installation of an ADSL 2+ Central Filter is to resolve issues with your ADSL, we may also need to install a new cable and / or upgrade your phone socket(s). Therefore, we can't offer a fixed cost ADSL 2+ Central Filter installation. If we are able to install the ADSL Central Filter and re-use an existing cable and socket, it costs just $165. If we also need to install an ADSL cable and / or socket, depending upon the age of your cabling and / or sockets, this can cost $200-$300.


Other options

Upgrade your phone cable and outlets
Upgrading your phone cable and outlets is very affordable and will often fix a lot of ADSL and phone connection issues
Install a Network Termination Device
A Network Termination Device is the Rolls Royce of devices to help reduce interference and increase your internet speed


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