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Aussie Cabling install, support & repair phone, computer, digital TV, ADSL cable and NBN cable networks in Perth homes. We are experienced and qualified ACMA registered cablers and specialise in all home telecommunication and network cable installations. As such, we are able to offer advice / information and fast, simple in home wiring / cabling installations to get your home connected to the NBN.

Once the NBN Co contractors have installed the fibre cable along your street, you will be notified when you are able to connect to the NBN. You need to contact an NBN Service Provider who will organise for the new NBN equipment to be installed in your home. This will be done at no charge (assuming a standard installation).

Next you will need to connect an NBN compatible router to the new NBN equipment. Most existing ADSL2+ Modems will not be compatible and will need to be replaced. Most NBN Service Provider will provide you with a NBN compatible router bundled with your 12 or 24 month contract.

Once that is done, you may choose to contact Aussie Cabling to have some additional cabling done to connect all your devices to your NBN router. You do not need to have this done if you want to connect every device in your house via WIFI but most people will find that they will have usability or performance issues if they do it this way. The reason is simple; the new router needs to be connected directly into the NBN equipment which will most likely be in your garage or on the side of your house closest to the street, which in most situations is not the ideal location for a WIFI router. This means that all of your devices (computers / phones / laptops / TV) will need to share a single low quality congested WIFI connection to your new super high speed NBN router. The wireless network problems inherent to this type of setup will severely limit your NBN experience.

You will also find that once connected to the NBN, none of your existing phone outlets in the house will work anymore. This is because they are connected to the old copper network which is being turned off. NBN Co is recommending you connect a cordless phone base unit into the new NBN Equipment and use cordless handsets around your house. Whilst this is an option, Aussie Cabling offers a simple alternative solution which fixes this issue without the need to replace all your phones.


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NBN Equipment


Aussie Cabling can provide many different solutions depending upon the design of your house, the location of your NBN equipment and the types / location of the devices you want to connect. One of the easiest solutions for most homes is detailed in the diagram below. What we do is install a new double wall plate next to your new NBN equipment and terminate all your existing phone outlets to one of the sockets in this plate. With a simple computer patch lead, across to your phone port on your new NBN equipment, all your existing phone sockets throughout your house are now working again. We then run a high speed computer cable from the other socket to another wall plate in a more central location and where you want your NBN router to be situated. A computer patch lead connects this socket to the router port of your new NBN equipment and you now have the full speed of the NBN from where ever you connect the NBN router.


NBN Locations in Perth

For more specific information about when the NBN will be coming to your area, please visit the NBN Co Interactive Rollout Map

NBN Co Informational Videos

For some helpful information videos on connecting to the NBN, visit NBN Co on YouTube

Current NBN Service Providers

For a list of current NBN service providers, visit the search facility on the NBN Co website.