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Aussie Cabling install, support & repair phone, computer, digital TV, ADSL cable and NBN cable networks in Perth homes & offices. We are experienced and qualified ACMA registered cablers and specialise in all home / office telecommunication and network cable installations. As such, we are able to offer advice / information and fast / simple cabling installations to get your home or office connected to the NBN.

There are 2 primary versions of the NBN currently being rolled out in metropolitan areas:
★  Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) - Fibre optic cable is run all the way to your premises.
★  Fibre to the Node (FTTN) - Fibre optic cable is run to a Node / Cabinet in your suburb and then connected to the existing copper phone cable to your premises.
In rural and isolated areas the NBN is currently rolling out:
★  Fixed Wireless - Your premises is connected via an outdoor antenna to a local transmission tower using a 4G mobile connection.
★  Satellite - Your premises is connected via a satellite dish.
There are also other versions of the NBN currently being trialled and rolled out in limited areas:
★  Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) - Fibre optic cable is run all the way to the pit on your front kerb and then connected to your existing copper phone lead-in cable.
★  Hybrid Fibre-Coaxial (HFC) - Fibre optic cable is connected into the existing pay TV / cable internet system and enters your premises via a coaxial cable.


Once the NBN Co contractors have installed an NBN PCD (external fibre junction box) on the outside wall of your property, you will be notified that you are able to connect to the NBN. This is the point where you may want to contact Aussie Cabling, if you would like to have a professional NBN approved enclosure installed, to house your new NBN internal equipment. These enclosures are entirely optional and are not provided or installed by NBN Co or by any NBN Service Providers.

You then need to contact an NBN Service Provider and sign up for an NBN service plan. They will organise for the new internal NBN equipment to be installed in your home. You are entitled to a free installation, however this usually means that the NBN Co installers will want to drill straight through your outside wall and install their internal equipment on the inside of that wall. For most people this is a completely inconvenient and unsightly option. Just remember that you do not have to agree to this and you can send them away and contact Aussie Cabling. In most situations we can install an NBN lead-in conduit and draw string, so that when the NBN Co contractors return, they can pull through their fibre cable to the location you want their equipment installed, without any issue or conflict.

Once the NBN internal equipment has been installed, you are ready to go. You just connect an NBN compatible router to the Uni-D1 port of the new NBN equipment. Most NBN Service Provider will provide you with an NBN compatible router bundled with your 12 or 24 month contract.


If you are in a Fibre-To-The-Node area, you normally don't need to do much to get connected as NBN will be connecting their new Nodes to your existing phone / adsl line and sending their new VDSL2 service down your existing phone / adsl cable. You just need to sign up for an NBN service plan with an NBN Service Provider and then connect your upgraded VDSL2 modem to replace your existing ADSL2+ modem and call your service provider to activate the service.

Some people may have some problems because the typical cabling issues that cause problems with ADSL2+ will cause even more problems with VDSL2. Most people should expect their new VDSL2 service to work fine however, the much higher frequency of VDSL2 is much more susceptible to problems then ADSL2+ and you may experience problems with your VDSL2 service when you previously didn't have any with your ADSL2+.

If you experience any issues or just want to know that your internal cabling is fine then consider our VDSL testing service.


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NBN Home Cabling Options

Once you are connected to the NBN, whether by Fibre-To-The-Premises or Fibre-To-The-Node, you may run into a few issues. These issues can be easily resolved by Aussie Cabling.

★ Optimise your NBN modem / router location

If you have Fibre-To-The-Premises, your new NBN router needs to be connected to the new NBN equipment. If this is not in a convenient location then Aussie Cabling can run a network cable to a better location so that you can connect your new NBN router there instead.

If you have Fibre-To-The-Node, you may want to get your internal phone cabling inspected and fixed if required so your VDSL2 signal goes through your internal phone cabling without loss of strength / quality. If you had multiple working phone sockets before you changed over to the NBN then you could definitely benefit from our VDSL testing service.

★ Cabling devices to your NBN modem / router

You may choose to have some additional network cabling installed to connect some of your devices directly to your NBN modem / router via a network cable. You do not need to have this done if you want to connect every device in your house via WIFI but most people will find that they will have usability or performance issues if they do it this way. The reason is simple; WIFI broadcasts its signal through the air, so only one device can talk to the modem / router at any one time, in any one direction. The more devices you have connected, the slower everything goes. The wireless network problems inherent to this type of setup will severely limit your NBN experience.

Cabling allows every device to talk simultaneously, in both directions, which allows your TV's, desktop computers and gaming consoles to run many times faster, and it frees up the WIFI congestion to allow your mobile devices to run faster as well.

★ Re-connecting your phone sockets

You will also find that once connected to the NBN, you won't be able to connect your phone to any of your existing phone outlets in the house anymore. This is because with Fibre-To-The-Premises, your services are now coming via the Fibre cable. With Fibre-To-The-Node you will only receive the VDSL signal for your modem on your phone line; there will not be a phone service on the line any more.

With Fibre-To-The-Premises your traditional phone service will be replaced by a Fibre based phone service or a VOIP based phone service. With the Fibre based phone service you connect your phone to the Uni-V1 port on your NBN Equipment. With the VOIP based phone service you connect you phone to the phone port on your NBN Router. With Fibre-To-The-Node you can only have a VOIP based phone system so your phone will connect to the phone port on your VDSL modem. Aussie Cabling can fix any of these issues.

We simply divert your existing internal phone cabling so that it connects to your NBN Equipment if you have a Fibre based phone service or to your Modem / Router if you have a VOIP based phone service. This simple solution allows you to once again use all your existing phone socket in your house without the need to replace all your phones or phone cabling.

NBN Fibre-To-The-Premises Equipment


Aussie Cabling can provide many different solutions depending upon the design of your house, the location of your NBN equipment and the types / location of the devices you want to connect. One of the easiest solutions for most homes is detailed in the diagram below. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like us to discuss the options that are available for your specific situation.


NBN Availability In Your Area?

For more specific information about when the NBN will be coming to your area, please visit the NBN Co Interactive Rollout Map Check-your-address page.

NBN Co Informational Videos

For some helpful information videos on connecting to the NBN, visit NBN Co on YouTube